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Establishing Differences B/W Hyde Rebel Recharge & Hyde Retro Rave Disposables

Due to their adaptable design, disposable vapes are becoming more and more popular among vapers. This is the best choice for someone who is continuously on the move. They frequently consist of tiny, non-rechargeable devices that already contain e-liquid. The E-Liquid cannot be replenished and must be discarded after use because each device is intended to be used just once.

This vape kit doesn’t need to be charged; all you have to do to use it is inhale the vapor from the E-Liquid as you would with a cigarette. Both the gadget and the coil don’t need to be charged. Certain vaping devices can provide even longer durations, lasting an average of 500–600 puffs, depending on your vaping habits.

Having said that, in this piece of writing, we are here to mark the differences between the Hyde Rebel Recharge and the Hyde Retro Rave disposables. So, let us get started!

Hyde Rebel Recharge!

One of the newest and coziest disposables offered by the company is the Hyde Rebel. This product has the highest puff count, with roughly 4500 puffs, giving you enough to last several days. twenty different variants, perhaps. In light of this, you will certainly find a flavor you like, regardless of your preferences. Because it is so fashionable and little, you may bring the device with you everywhere you go. Because of its cylindrical shape and rough texture, it provides a highly safe and solid hold all the way to the top. The color of the Hyde Rebel depends on its flavor. If the battery in the Hyde rebel ever runs out but you know there is still power in the internal tank, you can just use its USB port to charge it so you can keep using it. You won’t waste any of the e-restricted liquid’s supply—not even a drop.

Hyde Rebel Recharge Features:

  • 5% Nicotine
  • Salt Nic – 10mL
  • Rechargeable Micro USB Port (Not Included)
  • 4500 Puffs Per Device

Hyde Rebel Recharge Flavors:

  • Aloe Grape – Aloe | Grape
  • Banana Ice – Banana | Menthol
  • Blue Razz Ice – Blue Raspberry | Menthol
  • Cola Ice – Cola | Menthol
  • Energize – Energy Drink
  • Lemon Crumble – Lemon | Pastry
  • Lush Ice – Watermelon | Menthol
  • Peach Mango Watermelon – Peach | Mango | Watermelon
  • Pina Colada – Coconut | Pineapple
  • Raspberry Watermelon – Raspberry | Watermelon
  • Sour Apple Ice – Sour | Apple | Menthol
  • Spearmint – Spearmint
  • Strawberry & Cream – Strawberry | Cream
  • Strawberry Banana – Strawberry | Banana
  • Strawberry Kiwi – Strawberry | Kiwi
  • Tropical (Tropical Gummy) – Tropical | Gummy Candy
  • Minty O’s – Sweet Mint | Menthol
  • Power – Monster Energy drink 
  • Summer LUV – Fruit Medley 

Hyde Retro Rave!

This vape provides you with clever yet massive cloud compositions with over 18 amazing flavor combinations. Hyde Retro Rave Disposable will bring a lot of joy to vapers who prefer smoking on disposable vaporizers with the fastest and finest quality performance. Because of the exceptional ergonomics of this system, you won’t use the less efficient ones again.

A 5000 puff capacity and an LED light that the user may turn on and off are included with the Hyde Retro Rave. The material and design, which make it a vape that needs to be touched as little as possible, are its best features. It is pre-filled and comes with a Type C connection for ease of charging at any time.

Hyde Retro has introduced the Hyde Retro Rave, its newest vape product with even better features and functionality. Since it created its first throwaway, Hyde Retro has been fostering vapers’ goals.

Hyde Retro Rave Features:

  • 5000 Puffs
  • 400mAh battery
  • 12ml vape juice
  • 5% nicotine strength
  • Travel-Friendly Design
  • Automatic light-up
  • Prefilled and Rechargeable

Hyde Retro Rave Flavors:

  • Aloe Grape – Aloe | Grape
  • Bananas & Cream – Banana | Cream
  • Blue Razz Ice – Blue Raspberry | Menthol
  • Brazmallows – Blue Raspberry | Marshmallow
  • Cola Ice – Cola | Menthol
  • Energize – Energy Drink
  • Loops – Fruit Cereal | Milk
  • Minty O’s – Sweet Mint | Menthol
  • Morning Brew – Coffee | Cream
  • Peach Mango Watermelon – Peach | Mango | Watermelon
  • Philippine Mango – Yellow Mango
  • Pina Colada – Pineapple | Coconut
  • Power – Green Energy Drink
  • Sour Apple Ice – Green Apple | Menthol
  • Strawberry Banana – Strawberry | Banana
  • Strawberry Kiwi – Strawberry | Kiwi
  • Summer LUV – Fruit Medley
  • Tropical – Tropical | Gummy
  • Blue Razz Clouds 
  • Dragon Fruit Lemonade 
  • Mango Peaches & Cream 
  • Peach Lemon
  • Rainbow 
  • Strawberry Lemon Lime 
  • Watermelon Ice Cream 

In The End!

In the end, it can be concluded that both the Hyde Retro Recharge and Hyde Retro Rave are the best in themselves. Though both disposables have different flavors and specifications, they both can serve the needs of enthusiastic vapers. So, if you thinking to start vaping or are passionate vaper, then you can choose any one out of these two astonishing disposable vapes.



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